Life as we know it

Me trying to cook






more relatable?

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I just wish for some attention, and just a girl to lay down and hold onto, we wouldn’t have to do anything. Just someone to hold onto…


No matter how good I day is, I still come home to an empty bed…. I’m lonely… I’m a sad sad man…. Depressing…


I feel so lonely, this year it feels like I’ve only made regrets…. I pushed away the only person who loves me, I asked out a friend which degraded it… I’ve become unhappy, probably depressed. I joke around put on a happy face and I thought I was happy, but turns out I’m not. One little crack and I fall to pieces… One thing goes wrong, one thought and I break down…. I would love just some attention, I would just like a hug, from anyone really, that would cheer me up a little…. Make me feel not so alone, I’ve made mistakes…. I have regrets… I’m in a rut… No girl in there right mind would have feelings for me… I just feel like I’m there a lot. I don’t feel important or special, I just feel there…. I’m nothing special I have no outstanding features, I’m easily replaceable, I’m just a basic average guy, nothing great about me…. I just feel average…. Who wants average? Who settles for that. No girls go for a guy with my taste… Sometimes a swear my exs dated me cause they felt sorry for me… I’m rather pitiful in ways… And whenever I cry out for help, no one stops and helps, everyone looks on and thinks I’m just crying for attention, no one cares and no one gives me the attention… I would love a girl to talk to. She doesn’t have to date me, just someone who can be there and talk to… Whenever I need her. I would he there for her… I’m there for everyone, no ones there in my time of need, no one shows any kindness that I try to show in my time of need…. No one helps poor old worthless Jordan….

Don’t tell me it’s just a phase, I’ve been sad for 3 fucking years. This isn’t just a phase

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I wish I had that chance. Maybe it could have worked. I think it could have, it would have been really good I think… But it won’t happen. Yet I can’t stop thinking about it…. Why?


I don’t know what the feeling really is. I don’t know what to do about it either. Well there’s nothing I can do about it. God this sucks. I wish I could do something about this.




What a time to be alive

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oh look it’s the first half of second breakfast

My snack

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I’d have to say I’m pretty happy at the moment, I’m happy, but fuck Delaney is getting us lost. On our way to yugioh Regionals. Stupid apple maps. Anyway. This trip has made me happy. Good little holiday, eliminate birch maximise happiness. Guys weekend.

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